Colemans Cottage, UK


Matches seven days in a row, can it be better!

Monday, May 26

Started with a match at Path Field, ended up second at my section with 53 lbs, mainly carp.

Caught most of the fish on method feeder close to the island.

Day two, open match at Woods:

Tuesday, May 27

1. Daren Hutchinson, DH Floats, peg 28, 185lb
2. Peter Binks, Colemans Bait& Tackle, peg 30, 144lb
3. Trevor Hayden, Colemans B&T/Matchpack, peg 32, 134lb
4. Kim Hollick, Suffolk, peg 10, 130lb 8oz
5. John Larraman, peg 18, 120lb 8oz
6. Jeff Church, Colemans B&T/Matchpack, peg 12,,102lb
7. Marcus Enstroem, SFK Alvkroken peg 26, 80lb
8. Per Erik Gyllbrandt..Browning/ Sweden, peg 16, 78lb
9. Ivan Coleman, Lake John, peg 20, 59lb
10.Tony Day, Colemans Bait & Tackle, peg 14, 58lb

More to come!


Fredrik with Goldfish

Tanzania pictures part II

Some more pictures from the adventure in Africa.
No more fishing this year because I have to have full attention to work.
Tight Lines!
PS If the winter remains mild, I bet that the first roach, 2014 will be caught by undersigned on January 1. DS
Catch of the day I. Black Marlin 90 kg.
Geniuses speculate.
Dogteeth Tuna.
The swimming was canceled.
Catch of the day II, wahoo. (rhyme.... I might become a poet....)
Yellow Fin Tunas.
Rusty Job Fish.
Catch of the day III, Giant Trevally.
Small but beatiful, Grouper.
Another Giant Trevally.
And another Doggy.
Catch of the day IV, king size Dorado.
Big Eye Trevally.
Blue Fin Trevally.
36 hours on the team bench because of fever and stomach problems.
"A man can be destroyed but not defeted"
Ernest Hemingway
Remarkable comeback, directly from the team bench. Catch of the day V, Sailfish.