Karls Grav 10-hours, pair match

After a quick discussion with Mattias, two days before the match, we agreed to go for an "unswedish" tactic "bleaks". I had some concerns, but....

Started the match throwing out 20 balls at 22-23 m, a mix of Browning Canal, M7, Terre de Somme, about 300 gr jokers and a handful of casters, to have some sort of backup if the bleak fishing failed.

No worry, the bleaks was in place and I started to catch immediately using a 2, 5 m whip, float 4x12, line 0,10, hook size 20 with a red pinkie.

However, when putting 10-12 gram in the net at a time, you know it’s a long way to go…….

After about two hours it started to slow down and I realized that I was now sitting in the shade and that the bleaks moved from the shady area. Fortunately Mattias caught very well, still sitting in the sun.

Tried, with feeder for a while but caught only one small bream and one silver bream.

After a quick discussion with Mattias, we agreed to proceed with the original plan, although I only caught occasional bleaks.

To make a long story short: The sun came back, Mattias did a fantastic match and caught more than 1400 bleaks, I ended up with 825 which gave us a total weight just over 28 kg. Four kg more than Alingsås SFK at second place.

Fun? –Well, we won...

Tight Lines!




Mattias the bleak master


1. BSMK Team Browning, peg A2, 28080 gr

2. Alingsås SFK II, peg A6, 24060 gr

3. Team Palles Fiskeshop, peg A7, 23120 gr

4. FK Topp, Team Jolly, peg A5 16480 gr

5. Alingsås SFK I, peg A6, 16040 gr

6. FK Topp, peg A3, 9360 gr

7. Team Wiberg, peg A1, 8780 gr