Danish Spring Cup 2014

Hey angling friends!

Below you will find a short introduction from Bjarne Johansen about the Danish Spring Cup.


Danish Spring Cup 2014 for teams (two anglers)

26 to 27 April 2014 in Gudenåen, Stevnstrup, Denmark.

River Guden at Stevnstrup has become popular during the recent years, due to the amounts of fish and the techniques used to catch them. During spring, the main target is the roach, moving up in the river to spawn, but also bream, rudd, bleak, white bream, perch and ide are present.

The River Guden at Stevnstrup is only lightly regulated, hence the pegs can be very different both between sectors but also within sectors. The key to success is to be able to adapth between multiple techniques, depending on which is the best for the drawn peg. The deepest part of the river can be both right at your feet (mainly B and C-sector) as well as at the opposite bank (mainly A and D-sector).

And as always in Denmark you can expect huge weights!


For more information and full invitation, pls contact Bjarne at: