Browning International Open Match at Colemans Cottage

19 out of 32, not bad considering that there are three months left to the competition. 

For those of you who have not yet booked / paid, it is time to pay the entry fee in order to participate in this year's funniest competition. 

Tight Lines! 



1. Mattias Litzell, BSMK-Browning, Sweden              

 2. Gunter Furthmuller FK Topp, Sweden                                 

 3. Bjarne Johansen Team Browning, Denmark                      

 4. Peter Hansen, Team Browning, Denmark                                                        

 5. Reijn Højsgaard, Denmark                                                         

 6. Fredrik Andersson, Team Browning, Sweden                   

 7. Jan Svensson, BSMK-Browning, Sweden                            

 8. Per-Erik Gyllbrandt, Team Browning, Sweden                   

 9. Chris Moorhead, England                                                          

 10. Carl Shepherdson, England                               

 11. Mike McGuire Browning Crowsport, England                 

 12. Kye Jerrom, Browning Team Hotrods, England             

 13. Ricky Young, Browning Team Hotrods, England

 14. Neil Adcock, Browning Team Hotrods, England

 15. Rob Wright, Browning Team Hotrods, England

 16. Abby Kendall, Browning Team Hotrods, England

 17. Ian Crossman, Browning Central, England                        

 18. Chris Fowkes, Browning Central, England

 19. Marcus Enström,SFK Älvkroken, Sweden