Göta Kanal, Töreboda, Light and delicate!, 2014-07-26

Canal fishing my absolute favourite!

As the weather has been very hot the last few weeks, with temperatures around 30 degrees, you do not need not to be rocket scientist to figure it out that today’s fishing should be difficult.

Decided to keep it simple and fish two lines, one at 8 m to the left and the other one 11.5 m.

Started with cupping out eight small balls at 11.5 m, containing Browning Canal and leem (1:5), jokers, a few red pinkies and some chopped worms. At the short line, only one ball with leem and jokers.

Started short and caught immediately three roaches and one perch. After 20 minutes I decided to give 11, 5 m a try, caught three tiny skimmers and was looking forward to a good day.....

Then it went to hell!

My swim was invaded by crayfish, apparently appreciating jokers and a single bloodworm presented on a size 20 hook.

Amazingly, throughout my fishing career, I have had many good excuses for a bad catch but never because of crayfish!

After catching four crayfishes,  I was close to give up. The only possible fish to catch (when the crayfish where to slow) was tiny ruffes (2-3gr each).

With one hour to go, the crayfish gave up and I started to catch again.

Caught one small bream, four skimmers in a row to end up with two nice roaches the last 10 minutes.

Ended up with 56 fishes, weighing 1540gr which was enough to win the section!


Had to save one as an evidence!
Not so easy to get off the hook with those claws!
Has anyone experienced anything similar?
Tight Lines!