Africa here we come!

Only five days left before the big adventure in Tanzania.

The trip will start early on Sunday from Gothenburg with stopovers in Amsterdam and Kilimanjaro. Expected landing in Dar es Salaam at midnight.

After landing we will go by car directly to the seaside, where hopefully our boat with captain Mady and crew is waiting.

I hope it is possible to keep the blog updated during the trip although mobile coverage is not world class out on the Indian Ocean.

Tight Lines!




Roger is already in place and this is what to expect (picture from last trip to Tanzania).

Browning International, Open Match at Coleman’s Cottage 2014

Welcome to a new mini festival over two days, 30- 31: th May 2014 at Colemans, Cottage, Essex UK.

The Fishery - Colemans Cottage Fishery has five lakes, all are typical of UK Commercial fisheries and

are very heavily stocked with carp up to 6 kilo, carassio to 1kilo, barble to 2 kilo plus other small fish.

In 6 hour matches catches of 100kg + are common.

We will fish at the Woods on Friday and Pathfield on Saturday with a maximum of 32 anglers. We will

make the International Match a "fun" event and will make sure that the visiting anglers catch plenty

of fish and have the opportunity to try UK methods.

In May, the fishing is very good and 50kg is only an average weight.

Send an e-mail for invitation.


Tight Lines!



Hey, angling friends!

Now it's time for a match angling dinosaur to head out on the web.

Web seems to be the only way to communicate these days, so I will give it a try, even though I find it hard to get along with computers.

Over the years, I have participated in eight World Championships, some more memorable than others, thanks to decent results, good fishing and nice places.

Three years ago, I become the first Browning sponsored angler in Sweden. The Browning Team  gave me a new ignition and new fishing friends all over Europe to share ideas and experience with.

My ambition with this blog is to write, primarily about competition angling but also about trips and meetings with skilled fishermen worldwide. I will eventually dig among old photos and articles with the aim to publish something out every month.

I hope my writing will appeal to all my friends not just fishermen. Although, the intention is to only write about fishing. 


Per-Erik Gyllbrandt