Danish Spring Cup 2014

Hey angling friends!

Below you will find a short introduction from Bjarne Johansen about the Danish Spring Cup.


Danish Spring Cup 2014 for teams (two anglers)

26 to 27 April 2014 in Gudenåen, Stevnstrup, Denmark.

River Guden at Stevnstrup has become popular during the recent years, due to the amounts of fish and the techniques used to catch them. During spring, the main target is the roach, moving up in the river to spawn, but also bream, rudd, bleak, white bream, perch and ide are present.

The River Guden at Stevnstrup is only lightly regulated, hence the pegs can be very different both between sectors but also within sectors. The key to success is to be able to adapth between multiple techniques, depending on which is the best for the drawn peg. The deepest part of the river can be both right at your feet (mainly B and C-sector) as well as at the opposite bank (mainly A and D-sector).

And as always in Denmark you can expect huge weights!


For more information and full invitation, pls contact Bjarne at:




Winter match at Karls Grav Januari 11

 Today's winner, Jonas Jansson, MK 820

Only five anglers started  today's winter match at Karls Grav, Vanersborg.

To be a Swedish winter, the weather was fantastic with + 5-6 degrees, no wind and even some sun.

The fishing was difficult and surprisingly for most of us, virtually no fish at all on the feeder, slider or bolo.
Jonas Jansson, was the man of the day using a 4 m whip, a tiny float and red pinkies as hook bait on a size 22 hook.

Jonas caught regularly small roach and small silver breams.

Well done! 

1. Jonas Jansson, MK 820, 1250 gr
2. P-E Gyllbrandt, Team Browning Sweden, 590 gr
3. Stig Borlinger, MK 820, 530 gr
4. Jan Svensson, BSMK Team Browning, 15 gr
5. Andreas Sandberg Splash, 5 gr


Browning International, Open Match 2014 at Colemans Cottage


I have received some questions about the event and how to fish.

Most of the visitors are not familiar with UK methods (not me either)

In general the fishing is quite simple (but not easy….)

Pole fishing:

Most of the pole fishing will be done between 3-6 m, deep about 0, 5-1 m.

11-13 m can also be good, if possible try to fish close to the small islands.

Maximum deep about 1, 8-2m.

You will need 0, 2 gram floats for the short lines and 0, 4-0, 6 gram on the longer lines (strong carp floats)

The rigs are simple; Just use 9, 10 and 11 shots. Lines should be 0, 18 and hook length 0, 16.

If you prefer to tie the hook directly to the mainline, use 0, 16.

The Browning/ Hybrid line works very well.

Strong hooks size 14 and 16   are recommended for the pole fishing and cover all types of bait.

Elastic recommendations: Hollow 2,3-2,8 mm /Browning Reflex blue and green).

Do you you prefer solids? Use 1, 6 mm (12) or 1,8 mm (14).

Feeder as well as waggler fishing can also be good.

Pplease note that you will only be casting maximum 18 m, so shorter rods are preferred.

Feeder fishing:

In line feeders 20-30 gram is recommended.

You need a minimum 4 kg main line and a short hook length (10 cm), line 0, 20 or 0, 22.

In May preferable baits will be: Hard pellets (micro, 4, 6 and 8 mm), sweet corn, hemp.

A few dead maggots for hook bait can be deadly, if feeding the method feeder.

For the method feeder fishing, use fishmeal ground bait or wet pellets.

General information:

All Hooks must be barbless

Feeders must be free running on the line. Fixed elasticated feeders are   not allowed.

The following baits cannot be used:

Meat baits, artificial baits, any   nuts, surface/floating baits jokers and blood worms. 

Bait limits:

Maximum 5xtins (300 gr) of corn, 1 kg ground bait plus 8   pints total (4, 5 l) of other bait:

Pellets, hemp, maggots.


All fishing will be done   from wooden platforms so you do not have to bring waders or platforms.

The longest walk from the car park  is 100 m so a trolley is not   necessary

For non UK anglers keepnets will be provided.

All baits needed and tackle can be bought at the fishery’s tackle shop.

I hope that some of our English friends can post comments and give additional information.

Start times etc. will be sent out closer to the matches.


Tight Lines 



PS Local match at Karls Grav, next Saturday. See Metetorget  for details. DS


Bob Nudd, bagging at Decoy Lakes, 2011

Caught a few by myself....