Feeder Match / Practice, Karls Grav 2014-06-22


Only feeder fishing was allowed, since some of the guys in Swedens feeder team would try some tactics and equipment.

Karl Grav showed itself from its best side and Mattias could unchallenged weigh in just over 10 kg of bream, skimmers, silver bream and roach

Overall, high weights, myself about 5 kg, which was ok considering that I basically got all fish, the second half of the session.

A pleasant day, definitely better than practice alone!




 Mattias Lizell, BSMK Team Browning

Mini match, Step Field, 2014-06-01

After a great week in UK we fished the last match in Stepfield, the newest lake at Colemans.

The fishing was very good and several anglers reached weights over 100 lbs.

Winning method was to fish shallow and to catch F ones.

Frederick could both catch the F ones and keep count of the fish caught, which was the winning recipe…..

Coleman's rules means that you are allowed to have a maximum of 70 lbs in a net, weights over 70 lbs are not counted.

Unfortunately, the complete results disappeared somewhere down the road but Fredrik Andersson won followed closely by Dave Moss. My weight was around 70 lbs.

Browning International 2014/05/30, Woods, 2014-05-31, Pathfield


As expected, the English dominated and won all sections!

The best weight day one was attributed Rob Wright, who weighed in 128 lbs.

Rod started the match fishing shallow at 13 m and finished strong in the edge. The catch consisted of carp and F ones with an average weight of over two lbs.

Best among the overseas anglers was Gunter Furthmuller, Sweden with 117 lbs.

Second days best weight 140 lbs was caught by Ricky Young “Master of technology to catch fish shallow”.

Best overseas angler, day two was Fredrik Andersson, Sweden. Fredrik ended up as number two in his section.

Top overall angler was Mark Brown, Browning Wickford with a perfect two point score. Well done Mark!!

Thanks for all the help I received throughout the week with everything from weighing, fishing tips, results etc. Thanks also to Zebco Europe who helped to fill the prize table.

Hope to see you all next year!



Day 1, Woods

1. Rob Wright, Browning Hotrods, peg 22, 128lb

2. Gunter Furthmuller, FK TOPP, peg 25, 117lb 12oz

3. Paul Chambers, Browning Wickford, peg 37, 104lb 4oz

4. Mark Brown, Browning Wickford, peg 31, 98lb 12oz

5. Colin Oakman, Browning Hotrods, peg ?,  96lb

6. Mattias Litzell, BSMK Browning, peg 17,  88lb

7. P-E Gyllbrandt, Team Browning Sweden, peg 23,  85lb 8oz

8. Cliff Adams, Browning Wickford, peg 11,  84lb 12oz

9. Mick McGuire, Browning Crowsport, peg 13,  84lb

10. Peter Hansen..Team Browning Denmark, peg 27,  76lb

Day 2. Saturday, Pathfield

1. Ricky Young, Browning Hotrods, peg 23,  140lb

2. Cliff Adams, Browning Wickford, peg 21,  135lb

3. Mark Brown, Browning Wickford, peg 35,  104lb 8oz

4. Carl Shepherdson, Browning, peg 19,  95lb

5. Colin Oakman, Browning Hotrods, peg 27,  93lb

6.Dave Moss, Mossies Morons peg 29,  64lb 8oz

7. Paul Chambers, Browning Wickford, peg 17,  61lb 8oz

8. Kye Jerrome, Browning Hotrods, peg 6,  54lb 8oz

9. Mick McGuire, Browning Crowsport, peg 15,  53lb

10. Ian Crossman, Browning Central, peg 2,  47lb


Overall winners

1. Mark Brown, Browning Wickford   2pts, 203lb 40z

2. Cliff Adams, Browning Wickford    4pts, 219lb 12oz

3. Carl Shepherdson, Browning        6pts, 166lb

4. Paul Chambers, Browning Wickford    6pts, 162lb 12oz

5. Gunter Furthmuller, FK Topp        7pts, 151lb 4oz



Overall winners from left Carl Shepherdson, Mark Brown, Cliff Adams