Browning International, Open Match at Coleman’s Cottage 2014

Welcome to a new mini festival over two days, 30- 31: th May 2014 at Colemans, Cottage, Essex UK.

The Fishery - Colemans Cottage Fishery has five lakes, all are typical of UK Commercial fisheries and

are very heavily stocked with carp up to 6 kilo, carassio to 1kilo, barble to 2 kilo plus other small fish.

In 6 hour matches catches of 100kg + are common.

We will fish at the Woods on Friday and Pathfield on Saturday with a maximum of 32 anglers. We will

make the International Match a "fun" event and will make sure that the visiting anglers catch plenty

of fish and have the opportunity to try UK methods.

In May, the fishing is very good and 50kg is only an average weight.

Send an e-mail for invitation.


Tight Lines!