Winter match at Karls Grav Januari 11

 Today's winner, Jonas Jansson, MK 820

Only five anglers started  today's winter match at Karls Grav, Vanersborg.

To be a Swedish winter, the weather was fantastic with + 5-6 degrees, no wind and even some sun.

The fishing was difficult and surprisingly for most of us, virtually no fish at all on the feeder, slider or bolo.
Jonas Jansson, was the man of the day using a 4 m whip, a tiny float and red pinkies as hook bait on a size 22 hook.

Jonas caught regularly small roach and small silver breams.

Well done! 

1. Jonas Jansson, MK 820, 1250 gr
2. P-E Gyllbrandt, Team Browning Sweden, 590 gr
3. Stig Borlinger, MK 820, 530 gr
4. Jan Svensson, BSMK Team Browning, 15 gr
5. Andreas Sandberg Splash, 5 gr