Winter roach

When the champagne after the New Year celebrations passed out, I went to a small river not far from home to catch the first roach 2014. 
Since it was afternoon and only two hours until dark. I had to be quick and make it simple. 
Decided to fish in the margin using a 6 m pole, threw in two small balls, Browning Canal and started to fish.
Already after 10 minutes I got the first roach and continued to catch until it grew dark.
Ended up with a total of 15 roaches, not so bad in 40 minutes and a good start of the new year.
Tight Lines!
PS. Pity that no one dared to accept my bet DS.
The first roach catch, January 1, 2014
Yes, it has been raining quite much in Sweden which is bad for the fishing since it is difficult to find a spot.
The good thing is that there is a lot of margin......