International Sweden-Denmark at Colemans Cottage, Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Peter managed clearly best and is well worth the title as the "Top Nordic Angler"
1. Peter Hansen, Denmark ,peg 25 179lb
2. Mattias Litzell, Sweden peg 17 127lb 8oz
3.Bjarne Johansen, Denmark, peg 15 117lb
4.Per-Erik Gyllbrandt, Sweden peg 19 91lb 8oz
5.Gunther Furthmuller, Sweden, peg 28 86lb
6.Marcus Enstroem, Sweden, peg 13 78lb 8oz
7.Jan Svensson, Sweden, peg 30 78lb
8. Reijn Hoesgard, Denmark, peg 21 54lb
9. Fredrik Anderson, Sweden,peg 26 53lb 8oz
Peter was mainly fishing shallow, feeding four mm pellets and using a six mm pellet as hook bait.
Well done!
Tight Lines!