Swedish Championships for Clubs, May 10-11, River Svartån, Tranås

A bit stressful at the moment, since the trip to UK is quickly approaching. 

Anyway, here is a short report from the battle. 

The fishing was difficult and slow as expected. 

Our main tactic was to "fish safely" targeting small roach, skimmers, bleak and perch on the pole.

We decided to "go light" with floats 0,6-1gr, main line 0,08-0,10, hooks 18-24, leem with a hand full jokers and a few dead maggots. 

Our team started well and were in the lead after day one with 13 points. Section wins by Jan and myself with 3082 gr (15 fishes). 

Second day went worse, Henrik had our best result with a third place. 

I finished fifth with a weight of 491 grams (16 fishes). 

Overall we finished fifth out of 29 teams.

 Final results. 

1. Splash 28,5 p

2. Constellation-Stockholm 29 p

3. Lidköping SFK 31 p

4. SFK Älvkroken 31 p

5. BSMK Team Browning 40 p




Memorable moment:

35 minutes, before the competition ended day one, I got this "beauty" on a size 22 hook, baited with a single blood worm.
This bream only, had been enough to win the section.